In the early 2000s, Michael Lewis was investigating a theory. In 1999, he published The New New Thing: A Silicon Valley Story. Born from his experiences working at Salomon Brothers – American multinational bulge bracket investment bank – Lewis detailed the growing entrepreneurial culture just south of San Francisco at the

Towards the end of the 2007 season, the New York Yankees were forced to come to terms with a glaring problem they couldn’t ignore any longer. Derek Jeter – the man who had become the face of their franchise since his debut in 1995 – was a defensive liability. Next

(originally posted 6/28/2021) Back in 2018, Trevor Bauer stirred some tempers after calling out the Houston Astros for doctoring baseballs with illegal substances during their 2017 World Series run. Those remarks ended up circling back to Bauer when the former Red saw a significant increase in spin on multiple pitches

(originally posted 5/21/2021) After a good – but not great – 2020 campaign, Gerrit Cole is on pace for the best season of his career in 2021. Through eight starts, Cole has thrown 52.2 IP, struck out 78, and walked just three batters for absurd K/BB of 26.0. He’s allowed