Every Thanksgiving morning, I start my day running the Turkey Trot. It’s an eight-year family tradition. For some reason, I really enjoy it. Maybe it’s the feeling of catharsis. Maybe it’s the alleviation of guilt for the food and beer I’ll consume later. Whatever it is, I manage to get

Back in high school, I took an art class my sophomore year. Drawing and sketching were one of my favorite hobbies growing up. I always gravitated towards classes where I could one or both.  One of the projects we worked on was a self painted portrait. This portrait was painted

(originally posted 8/4/2021) This past trade deadline, the New York Yankees made a much anticipated – yet surprising – splash in the market acquiring Chicago Cubs 1B Anthony Rizzo and Texas Rangers OF Joey Gallo. The two bats hope to bolster an injury-riddled (shocker) lineup that currently sits 6.5 games