Every Thanksgiving morning, I start my day running the Turkey Trot. It’s an eight-year family tradition. For some reason, I really enjoy it. Maybe it’s the feeling of catharsis. Maybe it’s the alleviation of guilt for the food and beer I’ll consume later. Whatever it is, I manage to get

Back in high school, I took an art class my sophomore year. Drawing and sketching were one of my favorite hobbies growing up. I always gravitated towards classes where I could one or both.  One of the projects we worked on was a self painted portrait. This portrait was painted

One of my mother’s most impressive talents is music. She can play the piano. She loves to sing. She can read music in like seven different languages. She has a master’s degree in music. If there’s something that involves some sort of musical comprehension, she probably has it. She also

Pitching is where the game starts and where the game ends. It’s one of the two positions that touches the ball on every single play. It fuels championship teams. It puts out rallies and keeps runs off the board. It wins more than it loses. It’s a science and an

Over the past 365 days, below are a list of principles I’ve doubled down on, three questions I will consistently ask myself this year, one word I will live by, and 21 thoughts that have resonated throughout the course of 2021. Principles  People are everything Build a close knit community

On a quiet Saturday afternoon, James Dyson had finally had enough. At the time, he was in his mid 20’s. He was vacuuming his home – a small farmhouse in the western part of England. On this day, he ran into a familiar problem: His vacuum quickly lost suction. This

The other day, I got a pretty bad case of the sniffles (no, it wasn’t covid). I had a sore throat, fatigue, didn’t handle caffeine well, and had no motivation to do really anything. Everything was kind of blurry. Given I had a pretty big work event coming up in

Everyone has that kid in their program.  Whenever he’s around, he’s not really working. He’s either goofing off, laughing, engaging in unproductive activities, or he’s a distraction to the training environment. As a coach, nothing is more frustrating when you have one of these players around. They’re tough to coach,

Over the summer, I remember a specific message I saw on TV. California was going through a drought and needed to conserve some water. Governor Gavin Newsom addressed the state and proposed a solution. Everyone in California was to cut their water usage by 15%. This was to last until

At 108 Performance, we have one specific kid in our program that stands out among the rest. This kid isn’t a big leaguer, college player, to even a starter on his high school varsity team. He’s only six years old. His name is Kellan. Now Kellan doesn’t really stand out